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Elopements, the hottest wedding trend for Albany NY, Saratoga Springs NY and Lake George NY.

These days many people who desire to be married are choosing to elope rather than go with big budget weddings. After all, the end result is the same no matter if you spend $100,000 or $100, you married your one true love. Now wedding elopements don't have to be cheap and cheesy, just the opposite is true. We here at Eclectic Elopements believe that your wedding elopement can be as romantic and special as those big budget weddings. We offer such items as champagne toasts, cupcake receptions and more. So if your planning an Albany elopement, Saratoga Springs elopement or Lake George NY elopement than check out our site, We also service NYC, Vermont, Upstate NY and more. And don't forget to hire the best wedding videographers and photographers for your Albany, Saratoga Springs or Lake George Wedding.

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