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Should I hire a professional videographer?

In my 20 years as a wedding professional I have met with thousands of brides. Most of them ask me this question and of course you can imagine my response. I tell them all a story that when I first heard it moved me and touched me in so many ways. About 8 years ago I was contacted by a couple who, like many, had went back and forth as to the need of a professional videographer. I set a time to meet with them at a local coffee house. After a long and enjoyable conversation they decided I was the guy for the job. Time passed and finally the big day arrived. Prior to the ceremony I helped the groom put on his wireless mic. This task was especially challenging as he was an enlisted marine and a decorated one at that. I helped him put on his mic, weaving the cord through all the ins and outs of his uniform joking along the way. The wedding goes on with out a hitch, it was a beautiful day. After I produced the video and sent it off to them. A few weeks pass and my phone rings one day. On the other line was the bride who's wedding this was. She was in tears and could barely form the words and tell me the reason for her call. As it sadly turned out her husband was killed in action shortly after returning to active duty. A land mine had destroyed the vehicle he and his team were traveling in. All the men inside were killed instantly. The bride goes on to say that shortly after hearing of his death she watched her wedding video. The video was the only thing she had with his voice and image recorded. Watching the video helped her coup with the tragedy of her loss. The message here is simple, preserve your wedding in any way you can, pictures, video etc. Because after the day has ended and the guests leave the memories have to be preserved, otherwise they sadly fade away. So yes, hire a videographer. Live in the moment on your wedding day. Live every day of your married lives as though it may be your last.

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